A very simplist download helper for whole galleries of Smugmug users.

To use this download helper, simply input the Album ID, the Album Key and the password of the album (if any). You also have to choose the size of the images you want. Then click the button 'Submit'. You will be provided with a list of the location of the various photos of the album. You can then either right-click and download the photos one by one or if you are using Firefox, you can install the fabulous add-on 'DownThemAll' which will allow you to download all photos in one click.

If you don't know what an Album ID and Album Key is, this is very simple to understand. The address of a smugmug gallery is typically something like . What is interesting in our case is what lies after 'gallery'. There is a sequence of number (4395334 in the example) and a sequence of 5 characters (Rg4Wd in the exemple). What lies then does not matter for us. The first part (4395334) is the Album ID, the second part (Rg4Wd) is the Album Key. Isn't that simple ?

For owners of smugmug galleries who wants to ease the use of this download helper with their galery there is here a small portion of code that can be integrated into their websites to add a new button in each gallery. The 'Album ID' and 'Album Key' input boxes will then be filled automatically when the user click the button. To integrate this code, simply go to the control panel of your smugmug website, go to the 'Customize' tab and click the 'edit' link near to 'Advanced Customizer', then find the section 'Bottom JavaScript' and copy/paste the content of the file into the input box.

Please note that 'external links' must be enable in the album you want to download.

Album ID
Album Key
Album Password
Image Size